Our approach

We are

  • Progressive – because we only work with clients which serve the public interest
  • Ruthless – because it takes energy and focus to defeat cynicism and vested interests
  • Optimistic – because we believe collective action can change the world

Our advice is honest, often brutally so, because we are more interested in securing change than winning business. We believe that neither donors’ money nor supporters’ time should ever be wasted, so we treat each project as a chance to build capacity in the change sector in the hope of putting ourselves out of a job. And in over a decade of work at the highest levels of campaigning and politics we have developed the experience to advise on exactly the right strategic mix of policy, lobbying, popular mobilisation and communications work you need to do to win.

Globalisation has made our issues and campaigning markets more entwined than ever before but domestic politics still determines what change can be achieved and how. We understand the relationship between the international arena and the national stage and give advice that is both tailored to the politics of the countries you work in and informed by the most cutting-edge organisations from around the world.


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